The Keng Hwa chronicles: Flower in bloom

The Keng Hwa plants have been busy lately. After a quiet stretch of nothing happening, buds started popping up along the leaves of both of our plants. They didn’t all appear at the same time, so that meant that the flowers bloomed on different nights.

As for us, the beauty of the flower continues to entrance us. My mum, the Keng Hwa queen in our house, is amazed at how the flower blooms so quickly. Yes, she has actually sat and watched the flowers as they bloomed, and when I joined her, I swear that you could practically see the movement of the petals as the flower opened!

Enjoy these photos of the most gorgeous flower in our garden!

The burgeoning Keng Hwa flower bud.


The Keng Hwa flower beginning to open. It’s like looking down a throat…


The fully-opened Keng Hwa flower – what a work of art!


I’m really fascinated by the absolute forest of anthers surrounding the stamen!


The day after, the flower starts withering, and we start watching to see whether the base of the flower stalk will start swelling to become a fruit…


The flowers don’t always result in fruits, but when they do, it’s cause for celebration!

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