Pumpkin buds …already?

Buds or new branches? Methinks these are flower buds!

Doth my eyes deceiveth me? Are those pumpkin flower buds I see on the generic pumpkin plant? Or are they new stems growing?

These were just spotted on the plant that is, what, two weeks old right now? It’s barely 15cm tall! How could it be matured enough to start budding already?

Not that I’m complaining… I’m just astounded that the plant is in such a rush to start fruiting. My fear is that it will grow fast and it will die off fast as well. :(

A closer look, and I'm guessing these are male flower buds.

This plant was grown from the seeds I got from Weed. I’m crossing my fingers that it keeps growing well and grows at least one good pumpkin!

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Pumpkin buds …already? — 2 Comments

  1. Ours flourished like the wicked, conquered a huge amount of space, flowered very early but flatly refuses to set fruit. Useless!!!

  2. These are the decoys.
    Once your garden is deemed safe, the real mcCoys will arrive.