What a bulbul eats

I like the yellow-vented bulbul, also known as merbah kapur in Malay. They’re pretty to look at, and are quite reclusive. It’s not easy to stalk them with a camera, so any photos we get are great achievements. We do get to observe them, if we’re still, or if we pretend to do our own thing while they do theirs, and because there are several food sources for them in our garden, we see several of them on a daily basis.

One thing I did not expect to see was a bulbul that flew voluntarily to the back patio. They usually stay out in the garden, unlike the irritating mynahs and sparrows that keep flying into the kitchen to look for food. However, this bulbul had a very good reason to be there:

This sharp-eyed bulbul noticed the over-ripe banana that had dropped off from the comb, and came to eat it.

We had harvested the comb of bananas from the tree, and there was one over-ripe, inviting banana that the bulbul could not resist! We normally throw fruits that we can’t eat any more out into the garden for the less fussy birds to enjoy, so it was more than fine for the bird to help itself, and give us a great photo opportunity. Doesn’t it look like an Ewok? :)

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