The young snake gourd

Our first developing green snake gourd!

It was my hope to gloat much sooner about growing the green snake gourd, but the fruits have been aborting one after the other. I initially thought that the green stink bugs had moved from sap-sucking the beans to the baby snake gourd fruits, but so far I haven’t caught any of the insects on the snake gourd fruits. Then I realized that the gourds looked similar to the aborted angled loofah fruits, and that’s when I realized that all the ants and insects I see scurrying on the vines aren’t doing a proper job of pollinating the female flowers. So, I decided to hand-pollinate the next female snake gourd flower that I saw.

Wouldn’t it just have to happen that the first growing fruit started growing without my help? :)

It looks very much like a developing cucumber right now, except that it’s covered in fine hairs instead of pointy spikes. I have no idea how long ago this fruit was pollinated, but I’d guess within the last week at most. The fruit is just over 5cm long, and I anticipate watching it grow much bigger. No, I’m not going to jinx it and state a size; I’ll wait and see what we end up with.

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