Smyrna kingfisher caught eating

I didn’t expect to have an update on this feathered visitor so soon, but it’s around, and we actually caught it doing something unusual, so here I go…

We spotted the Smyrna kingfisher resting on a branch of the curry leaf tree in the afternoon, and once again, it didn’t seem bothered by a few humans goggling at it. Then, we noticed something long and thin hanging from its beak. Perhaps it was going to build a nest, I thought, but then we had a closer look and realized it was hanging out from its mouth, not across the beak. It looked like… the tail of a garden lizard! Eek.

In silhouette, you can see the lizard's tail hanging out from the Smyrna kingfisher's beak.

Indeed, there was about 7cm or so of tail dangling from its beak. It’s pretty gross, I know – especially when you think of the poor lizard… Yet, there the kingfisher sat on a branch of the curry leaf tree, trying to get its meal down for over 15 minutes. As per the previous photo session, it wasn’t bothered by curious photographers, and so I managed to get this close-up shot…

The kingfisher looks a little smug at having caught such a good meal, doesn't it?

When the kingfisher finally swallowed everything, it stretched and shook its wings out almost as if to say, aah, that was good!

Alright, I guess this qualifies as my first post with a gross factor, huh? :D That’s nature at work for you – yet, I’m glad I only saw the lizard’s tail and not the rest of it…

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