Little dragonfruit plants

4 month old dragonfruit plants grown from seed.

4 month old dragonfruit plants grown from seed.

Remember the dragonfruit seedlings I started in March this year? Well, I started a new set of plants at the end of May when a colleague gave me a nice, ripe dragonfruit that came directly from Vietnam. She swore that the fruits over there are sweeter than those sold here, and gave me the fruit to taste for myself. She was right. So, I naturally tried growing another set of plants.

I repeated my germination method of placing some seeds on damp cotton wool and sealing them in a small ziplock bag. This time, I put the germinated seeds into bigger containers than the first time. It took a few months, but they finally hit their stride and are growing vigorously, looking like long green hairy caterpillars to me. A few of them have already begun to branch out, too! It won’t be long before I have to transplant the plants to bigger pots and start propping them against a vertical support.

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