Bird-watching: Scaly-breasted Munias

The scaly-breasted munia.

The scaly-breasted munia.

When it comes to the weekend and I want to relax, I grab my camera, stick it on the tripod, and keep an eye out for bird activity. Sometimes, movement will catch my eye, but most times, sounds catch my attention.

This time, it was the soft calls of the Scaly-breasted Munias that alerted me of their presence. A pair of them were foraging for grass seeds, and struck the motherlode just outside our house. Yes, I’m behind on gardening again. This turned out to be a good thing for me, though, because I got some good video footage of the two birds greedily gobbling up grass seeds as they flitted here and there.

I’ve written about these birds here before, and you can read that article here: Scaly-breasted munias.

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