Redemption of the watermelon

Watermelon II, with possibly Watermelon III in the background.

Watermelon II, with possibly Watermelon III in the background.

How nice it is to start New Year’s day by finding a new watermelon growing!

It’s just cherry tomato size at the moment, but it’s definitely growing bigger. In fact, there’s a second fruit flower on another vine just next to it that I’m not sure about yet.

Since the fall of the first watermelon, I’ve been doing some reading about looking after watermelon plants, and have learned that they don’t like too much water. So this is what possibly killed off the first fruit – not only was the weather very wet when it was growing, but the fruit was also sitting directly on wet grass most of the time.

I also found this informative article online about growing watermelon plants on trellises, which helped me decide to keep the developing fruits off the ground if possible. For now, I’ve just used a couple of bamboo sticks to raise the part of the vine where the fruit is growing. A couple more ideas are brewing in my head for what I could do for the rest of the vine. You’ll find out what I finally decide on soon enough.

For now though, I’ll just wish everyone the best in 2014 and hope that your plants and your plans come to full fruition in the coming months. Cheers!

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