Inadvertent companions

The little parsley seedling next to the giant angled loofah not-a-seedling-any_more. May they grow well together, because they're going to be planted out together...

The little parsley seedlings next to the “giant” angled loofah not-a-seedling-any-more. May they grow well together, because they’re going to be planted out together…

I’ve heard this wail from other gardeners, and now I have to be part of it…

Over two months ago, I sowed seeds of several herbs and waited for them to germinate. I waited, but they didn’t do anything. So, when I had new, fresh seeds, I figured I’d stick them into one of the non-performing seed cups.

Within a few days, the angled loofah seed germinated and started growing lustily. I was pleased, to say the least.

But then a few other things started germinating, and I realized they were one of the herbs I had sowed two months ago. The only problem was that I had removed the marker and now didn’t know which herb it was.

We had to wait a few days for the first permanent leaf to identify it, and ladies and gentlemen, we have parsley!

I hope parsley is a good companion plant for the loofah, because I don’t think it will affect the plants well if I try to separate them now, as the loofah plant is already big enough to be planted out.

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