Too hot to garden

The Smyrna kingfisher was one of the several birds seen just sitting with its beak open like it was trying to cope with the heat somehow.

Did I say the dry inter-monsoon period was over? I must have been mistaken! The past couple of weeks have been full of mostly hot, dry days that have had even the poor birds sitting around with their beaks gaping wide like they’re gasping for relief from the hot sun. What rain we had was just not enough to break the spell of the heat.

Needless to say, I haven’t done very much in the garden apart from trying to make sure the plants stay suitably hydrated. Instead, there’s been more gardening-related gallivanting going on.

It wasn’t planned to be a garden-visit period, but it sure turned out that way! I enjoyed seeing the lush garden that Skyfiery lives in, to all the different plants and veggies growing in the Weeds‘ garden, and a quick, tantalizing glimpse of Novice Gardener‘s green domain (still disappointed I didn’t have time to see the pumpkin patch!). While I am envious of what grows in others’ gardens, I’m practical enough to admit that not everything I like can well grow in ours…

These plant cages from The Weeds are more suited to tomato plants, but since I'm not growing tomatoes, I decided they would work well with the Simba bean plants, both as a support and to protect the plants from our dogs and gardeners. So far it's worked!

Besides going visiting, my wandering feet also brought me to do some shopping! It’s really funny how getting a new supply of soils and fertilizers from the plant nursery can make me happy. The Weeds also expanded on that joy by introducing me to the gardening knick-knacks at Daiso.

These plant supports from there have been dually useful in supporting my Simba bean plants as well as keeping the plants safe from the dogs and gardeners.

I was also thrilled to find some wire panels, because as you know, I’ve got a lot of climbing plants, and am in constant need of more surfaces for them to climb on. The grids, together with the nifty connecting attachments, will be put through some rigorous testing in the coming weeks and months.

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Too hot to garden — 4 Comments

  1. It is too hot!!
    And because I have started growing things in pots like the Weeds do (to make it easier for fertilizing) and to control the growing – the plants dry out a lot more quickly…
    I am hoping for more rain at night.

    • The universe is perverse. I complain about the heat and it sends a nice thunderstorm to cool things down not 4 hours later! :)

    • I sure did, Sky! Wish I could grow some of the plants you have, but I’ve had enough failures with them to stop trying. Thanks so much for the invitation!

      And don’t you love the irony of how I complain about the weather and it abruptly changes? It’s happened a few times before!