The baby snake gourd

The tiny green snake gourd just 4 days after the flower bloomed.

I should have guessed from the vigorous way the green snake gourd vine has been growing and branching out that it wasn’t going to be shy where growing fruits is concerned. Normally when the first female flower of a cucurbitaceae blooms, it’s just on a test run. However, it looks like the first lady is all systems go!

The female flower bloomed less than a week ago, and it appears that the first fruit is now on its way. Here it is, growing fatter and longer. I can’t wait to see how long it will take to reach maturity!

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The baby snake gourd — 2 Comments

    • Curious… I found this one akin to the jicama – a rapid grower. It germinated with gusto and just kept going! Have you tried using your little greenhouse?