Bean snatchers

What would do this to long beans still growing on the vine?

It’s been raining a lot lately and I suppose food is hard to come by for the creatures in the garden. I’ve been tolerant with the caterpillars munching on some of my more leafy plants because I told myself they’re doing me the favour of thinning the leaves and allowing more airflow through the plants as powdery mildew has been appearing in lots of places. Where I draw the line, however, is when my veggies get eaten. Something has been helping itself to my thin long beans, and I am not pleased.

The beans have been broken off and look like they’ve been stripped sideways. Could the green parakeets that eat the broad beans from the Peacock trees have discovered these beans? I saw one watching me from the roof when I harvested some beans a few days ago. Could there be another squirrel around that I haven’t spotted yet? Or could it be those voracious garden snails getting too adventurous? Just today I found one adult snail resting at the top of the angled loofah trellis – about 2 metres up. I shall have to get my Sherlock gear out and try to solve this mystery soon because these daily attacks have reduced our bean harvest a lot! :(

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