The first short cucumber

First fruits are always exciting. Okay, they’re also not always the best either, but this first fruit of the short cucumber looks nothing like the picture on the packet of seeds:

From the top, it looks like a lime, from the bottom, like a green onion - but it's a cucumber!

We had a hearty laugh about it, but the other cucumbers growing on the vine look just as short and round as the first. I would have left it on the plant longer but it was already starting to turn yellow.

I think I’ll ramp up on the fertilizers and see if that helps at all…

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The first short cucumber — 9 Comments

    • I did nothing! *hands up* Maybe flying insects carried pollen from the small bittergourds or winged beans or angled loofahs that are nearby… They’re danged cute little things!

  1. Interesting, indeed! I kinda gave up on cukes, they grow too fast and I can’t keep up with them as I’m the only person eating them. Pick them fast cuz they turn yellow be your every eyes (to me, it seemed like the next day after first sighting but know that this is a stretch:-) ) If only other plants grow as fast and as well!

    • It’s true – they do ripen fast! It’s a good thing these babies are so small now – demand can keep pace with supply. And I have heard that cukes spread like crazy but haven’t had that problem yet.

      As a point of interest, our long bean plants are growing and fruiting pretty well right now. Hope it won’t be a short spurt before they suddenly die off, but we’ve been getting a nice supply of beans lately!

  2. Ooops! Sori – correction to the above: Pick them fast cuz they turn yellow before your very own eyes).