The flower of the white snake gourd

You’d think that I would be overjoyed at the appearance of the first flower on my white snake gourd plant. Just look at it…

The highly unusual flower (to me) of the white snake gourd.

How beautiful and unusual is that? Such a pristine white flower shaped like an X or a cross with those curly thready edges… It’s clearly one of the more breathtaking flowers I’ve ever seen on an edible plant in our garden!

So why can’t I simply delight in the moment and anticipate getting fruits?

The highly stunted plant growing in a tiny flower pot. sigh.

Because the plant is still in a tiny 10 cm pot and should have been planted out at a trellis at least 3 weeks ago! I am so kicking myself right now. >:(

Possible plan of action for now: snip off the flower buds so the plant doesn’t spend more energy on reproducing itself, then come rain or shine, get the darned trellis up and transplant the poor plant and hope it can adapt and grow to its full size, eventually.

Bad Mommy CG… :(

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The flower of the white snake gourd — 4 Comments

  1. So fascinating! Maybe the plant is talking to you – the X is plant telling you – “did you forget something”?! :)

    Why was my snake gourd so different from yours? Mine didn’t have those cute flowers….

  2. I think mine was greeny one – bought from market… – it was such a short lifespan I can’t even remember what the flower really looked like – only it didn’t look like yours coz I’ve never seen anything like it!
    But my plant didn’t get to fruit before it died. Too little watering…

    • Watering isn’t an issue with the weather as it is lately :D But I’m not sure these plants will do well after transplanting to the trellis. I may sow new seeds and start over if that’s the case.