Drat that rain!

Heavy overnight rain wreaked havoc with my young plants last night.

Bean plants that hadn’t latched onto any supports yet were beaten down to the ground.

Four-angled bean confused as to which way is up.

Young eggplant plants were similarly flattened.

Young brinjal plant caked up with soil particles that splattered up in the heavy rain.

Worst of all, my Red Lady papaya tree lost the most matured flower!

The flower - about 3 weeks in the making - found under the tree after the rain. :(

My immediate reaction on seeing them was to get the plants upright, which is why they don’t look so bad in the photos that I took in the afternoon. They really were flattened when I first saw them, and some, like the winged bean plant, still couldn’t hold themselves upright by the afternoon. We are so not pleased. :(

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Drat that rain! — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah, the rains these few days have been absolutely horrible. They’ve torn holes through my plants’ leaves. -_- I wonder what made it monsoon days again.

    • Small consolation – at least none of my plants died! Managed to get them upright and they’re plodding along like good little troopers…