Why I hate garden pests – Zinnia edition

Since I’m in a ranting and raving mood, now seems as good a time to share this:

Stripped of leaves and petals by I don't know what pest :(

That’s what was left after snails or beetles or whatever *censored* pest was through with my beautiful red Zinnia plant. The plant didn’t manage to recover from the rude shock of being so violated, and unfortunately, has died. I’ve harvested the flower heads and have my fingers crossed that there will be some viable seeds in there.

The good news is, I still have some other zinnias – some as seeds (thanks, Sky! :)) as well as several young white zinnia plants that I’ve grown from seeds from another gardener. They’re pretty, too, but not as striking as the red ones. Do you think the red ones are just more tasty to pests?

White zinnia plants slowly establishing themselves.

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Why I hate garden pests – Zinnia edition — 5 Comments

  1. Lol. I remembered he posted about these before.

    Would you mind if I ask for some of the white zinna seeds from you if you do collect any? =) They’re so pretty!