French beans, round two follow-up

So my second crop of French beans was planted about 3 months ago using seeds that I had saved from the first crop. Truth be told, the plants were spindly little things. I had opted to grow them in a pot – yes, I put all three into a single big pot without considering that it would have been better to put each in an individual pot. But, they rooted themselves into the ground eventually, and I hope that has helped.

New crop of french beans growing nicely.

Learning from my first experience, I made a conscious effort to fertilize the plants as regularly as I could remember, alternating between seaweed solution, bonemeal, fish emulsion solution and a NPK fertilizer for fruiting plants. In my opinion, they didn’t seem to help much, because the plants remained very skinny and unhealthy-looking to me. I thought I would end up allowing the follow-up report on the beans to slip through the cracks of the blog, never to be mentioned again.

But, I continued to keep the faith, providing supports for the plants to wind their way up, which they did. But they were still emaciated-looking. However, I am an eternal optimist, and sometimes that pays off. Tiny flowers began to appear, and I thought they’d abort. So I didn’t pay them much attention.

Remember what happens when I don’t mother my plants? They do things without my knowledge, and I’m deprived of the parental pride of photographing their progress. So, yes, beans formed and grew. And a few more are forming while the earlier ones are growing bigger. And they seem to be growing to normal size, too.

I’m surprised, to say the least! I hadn’t expected my saved seeds to bear fruits, because I’d heard that some of these commercial hybrid seeds only work the first time around and then are barren. It keeps people coming back to buy seeds, you see. In fact, I’d already bought a new packet of seeds in anticipation of this crop failing. This is one of the rare times I don’t mind being wrong about something!

So, we’ll be partaking of a few beans soon. I need to start the next crop so that we have a more continuous supply of beans. I also have to give Crop 2 more space to grow, to see if my suspicion about having sufficient space to grow affects the plant’s life span, and am resorting to one of my “expand as you need space” trellises. Those observations will follow in a few weeks or so…

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French beans, round two follow-up — 30 Comments

  1. Are your trellises made from bamboo sticks, vertical and horizontal sticks tied together? They look kind of neat, mine all like joss sticks on ground.

    • I’ve been trying different designs. This one for the french beans just uses the sticks for the plants to grow up, then strings at the top. There will be a post on this soon…

  2. yeah..! can’t wait for your post.
    btw, my water contraptions look kind of amateurish and funny so still experimenting b4 i post :P

    yours truly, everyready-eager-to-learn cinafong

    • Yup, it will take a while to figure out the self-watering pots. Each one is different, depending on your design, potting mix, plant, etc. But when you get it right, then it’s a great feeling! My pictures… well, have been experimenting for almost 2 years already, so I should be able to take some nice ones! But you know that the one pic you see is the best of many that are taken, right? :P

  3. Curious wey… I run out of pet bottles cuz all kaput..
    hmm.. u must hv multiple hard drive of photos then.. haha

    Yea.. ficus look like owner .. :P

    • Ms S Ficus… :P yes, I have many pictures on my hard drive but I also try to backup my pictures. That’s the number one rule when using pc’s, right? Backup, backup, backup!! Because you never know what can happen. Hard drives can crash. Servers can crash. Even thumb drives and CDs and DVDs can be corrupted. :(

  4. shoot.. so nervous I misspelled saw instead of shall… just totally enjoying your blogs and detailed knowledge abt plant growth esp. edible ones :)

    • Oh good. I was afraid I’d have to apply a Restricted age label to my blog. hahahaha. But I’m glad you do get something good out of the blog – information, entertainment, good banter… :D

  5. Wey, what do you mean by restricted age label.. are you saying I am too “old”? Its possible I am old enough to be your big bad mama…

  6. I thought all women are sensitive about their age, weight…
    How’s the weather in Singapore, its really unpredictable here, extremely hot or gloomy heavy thunderstorm.. which I like actually..

    Big old mama cina…

    • These days it’s pretty windy. Some rain, some hot sun. I like it, too! It’s funny how we’re in the same region but the weather can be so different. Last time I travelled up to Malacca, found the weather pretty hot and dry, which I thought was odd since the town is by the sea! I imagine further inland would be hotter.

    • Thanks, Trish. Homegrown veggies are always sweeter. I just need to learn to plant more plants simultaneously so we have more veggies to go round!