The new Marigolds

What lovely, be-frilled flowers!!

This is the kind of story I like to tell – a from-your-garden-to-mine tale…

Some months ago, I visited Chawanmushi’s garden and was admiring the lovely bushes of marigolds growing there. At that time, I had failed to grow them from two sets of purchased seeds, nor was I able to keep some young pass-along plants alive for long. I felt I just wasn’t fated to grow them in our garden. However, on the spot, Chawan harvested fresh seeds and gave them to me, assuring me that the freshness would make the difference.

It wasn’t until I experimented with surface sowing that I finally got seeds to germinate, and after that, it was a matter of waiting for the plants to mature enough to be planted out, then make sure the snails didn’t get to them. Finally, buds started appearing, and now the flowers are beginning to follow. They are gorgeous, fluffy-looking blobs of happy yellow – much fuller blooms than the previous marigolds that I had. True to my greedy self, I want to see more of them! So, more seeds have been sown, and I hope to have more of these companion plants scattered around our garden in months to come.

As always, gratitude to the generosity of a fellow gardener!

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