The Ballad sunflower

A happy sight for these eyes - multiple flowers coming up on a single plant!

The first of my new sunflowers has finally started to bloom. Seeds were sown in January, and only the one plant was the result. Everyone, meet my Ballad sunflower plant!

This is a dwarf sunflower that grows to just over half a metre high. What attracted me to it is that it’s a multi-bloomer – remember how disappointed I was when my ordinary sunflowers took so long to mature, then bloomed only for a couple of days? After that experience, I wanted more flowers, and longer lasting plants, and this Ballad was a definite must-have for me.

We had a slight setback in February, when heavy rain pelted the young plant so hard that some leaves were stripped away. However, the plant recovered and has just begun to bloom. I wonder how long it will continue to do so?

Not a terribly big flower - only about 6cm across.

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The Ballad sunflower — 4 Comments

  1. Hi your sunflowers look great! Am thinking of growing some myself, may i ask where you bought your seeds and if its possible to grow them indoors?

    • Thanks, Jaime! You can check out the seed suppliers listed on the right and see what catches your interest. Sunflowers need as much sunshine as possible, so unless you have a suitable sunny location, they may not do very well. I hope you can grow them, though, because they’re lovely (but short blooming) flowers to have. Have fun!