An unexpected aphid-eater

Beneficial creatures in the garden come in all shapes and sizes. My favourite is the ladybug, which gobbles up aphids that infest some plants. Recently, though, I saw and managed to film this:

The common Tailorbird is, well, common in Singapore gardens. As I’ve said of them before, they’re small and quick, and usually difficult to catch on camera.

Well, my mum told me recently that she’s seen what looks like a little family of Tailorbirds in the garden, where the parents seem to be showing the young ones what they’re supposed to do, and I’ve seen three or four of them flit about at times. The other day, though, I was surprised to see a couple of them descend onto our ageing okra plants that actually should be culled since they’re not growing well. The plants have also attracted yellow aphids, and I was going to remove them. Well, now that I know that the Tailorbirds are feeding on the aphids, I’ll hold off a bit longer – probably until the new plants are ready to be planted out. Isn’t it great to see nature in action?

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