More ketolas ahoy!

The two new angled loofah fruits.

The two new angled loofah fruits.

It looks like the angled loofah plants have rested enough and are ready to grow more fruits. They always seem to sneak under my radar until the fruits have set – and usually where I hadn’t noticed fruit flowers, too.

Closer peek at the higher ketola...

Closer peek at the higher ketola…

I know I didn’t mention harvesting the first fruits, but that was because I thought I had harvested them too late and wouldn’t have anything worth blogging about. Well, I was wrong. Even though their ridges were rather hard, the cooked fruits were nice and tender, without a trace of fibrousness yet. They weren’t huge fruits, though.

The lower fruit looks like it may be more sturdy...

The lower fruit looks like it may be more sturdy…

So while the plants were in what I call the rest-and-recover stage after the first harvest, I decided to add some banana peels and a compost mix to the soil at the base of the vines. I hope the nutrients from the banana peels will give the plants the boost they need to fruit well. If the vines start popping fruits out like crazy, then we’ll know that they really respond well to the organic fertilizers.

Once again, we are giving thanks to The Weeds for giving the seeds that these plants grew from. :)

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