Caterpillar season again

It appears to be caterpillar season here once again. All the usual suspects have shown up on the usual plants – those green caterpillars on the caladiums, the baby hairy caterpillar horde on my vining plants, and so on. My rant this, time, is over a big hairy caterpillar that did this:

All those awkward looking stems were lushly adorned with leaves just 2 days ago!

…which endangers these:

These are just a few of the long beans that are currently developing on this plant. What a loss!

I’m quite irked because there are many long beans currently developing on this one plant, and with all those leaves now gone, the beans are starting to get bumpy and have slowed in growth. I guess we’ll harvest them young, because the plant has no way of photosynthesizing sufficiently to grow the beans to maturity.

The culprit of this crime was a large hairy caterpillar that was quickly executed. :(

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