Time to join the Corn Club

My little Red Aztec corn plants awaiting transplant to a bigger, better home.

My gardening buddies, Weed and Novice Gardener, have been going on for many weeks about their corn plants, and I have to admit that I was somewhat envious of Weed’s healthy corn plants when I last visited his garden. I was holding out on growing corn after my laughable efforts two years ago trying to grow sweet corn, but since it’s part of my nature to rise to a challenge, I decided to try again when the Weeds kindly passed me some Red Aztec corn seeds.

I decided to sow the corn in planting cups first. Why? Because the last time we grew corn, my dogs decided they liked the taste of the young leaves, and ate them! And of course, I anticipated snails being a nuisance as well. So planting cups it was.

It also gives me time to properly prepare a planting bed that I intend to beef up as corn plants are heavy feeders. After about two and a half years of growing edible plants, I’d better know better this time! In case I don’t, I’ll plead in advance that this will be only my second time growing corn, so things could still go terribly wrong… :|

Anyway, it looks like I can now officially join the corn club, although I decline to use “cornilicious” references here. I get plenty of grief in real life about my corny sense of humour, so I think I’ll hold off inciting the online community for now…

Here’s wishing myself luck in having a proper corn harvest this time!

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