Shark fin melon buds!

It really goes to show that plants that are watched too closely suffer from performance anxiety while those left to their own devices produce nice surprises…

My first shark fin melon plant that was transplanted to a big pot has been growing quietly in its allocated spot next to the fence for a few weeks. Once I had decided on that spot, I simply watered it when it didn’t rain and gave it the occasional fertilizer. Apart from that, I haven’t been scrutinizing it much, and it has been expanding its territory bit by bit.

Since it’s nearing the time of month when our gardeners come to trim and prune, I had to check that the vine was not in a position where it could be mistaken for grass or a weed and be lopped off, and guess what I saw?

One of the four forming flower buds along the stem of the shark fin melon plant!

Flower buds – yes, pluralfour of them are forming along the vine’s stem!

The vine itself is nearing 2 metres long, and despite having tendrils, has not attempted yet to climb upwards, despite growing along the base of a row of tall cordyline plants. It is still growing from a flower pot, and I haven’t seen new roots forming yet along the stem, so I will continue to water the roots when the soil in the pot looks dry.

If there’s one thing I don’t like to do, it’s to over-water plants when they don’t need it…

Yes, I know these first flowers will likely be boring male flowers, but it does mark a new stage for the vines. Since it’s another cucurbitaceae, I expect the flowers will also be yellow, but I will definitely celebrate the event when the flowers bloom. :D

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