Mulberry thieves

Well, I was hoping to be able to follow up my previous mulberry post with lovely photos of the mulberries as they ripened on the plants, but I was thwarted. When we last saw the mulberries, they were looking pretty in pink…

Finally, the fruits start to ripen!

They then started darkening to a lovely ruby red…

Mulberries looking luscious in red...

After that, I was anticipating watching them darken to black, because I wanted to eat them when they were sweetest. Of course there had to be other creatures around with less discerning tastebuds than mine. It was likely a bird that swiped the red mulberries, not caring that they’re more tart to the taste at that stage. Two of the red fruits disappeared, to my irritation.

I have had, however, a last laugh. The plant that rooted itself through the pot and into the ground is quite big but has only a thin root through the pot, and keeps toppling over. The whole plant had tipped over behind a neighbouring plant and was nestled between said plant and the garden wall. Thanks to this, we spotted one dark mulberry, hidden by lots of mulberry leaves.

Black, gorgeous and sweet!

Since I tried the first mulberry fruit many months ago, my mum got the privilege of tasting this one. She said it was really sweet! So, I now have an accomplice in keeping an eye on these plants, and I think I have a new duty to grow more of them as well… Maybe the best trick would be to put the mulberry plants amidst other plants that will conceal their tempting fruits.

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Mulberry thieves — 2 Comments

    • I’ve seen some people hang CDs around the garden. They keep moving with the wind and the reflections can be startling. Think those will work? :D