My comfrey’s journey

The comfrey when I first got it - in a 7cm pot.

When I read about how comfrey can be used in gardening, I wanted to get it. The only problem was, it’s not native to Singapore – so I gave up that idea until my “plant fairy godmother” who likes to grow the cute and unusual gifted me with a young comfrey plant. :D

I have this weird idea that plants grown from seed in the environment they’re going to grow in will be more hardy than an already growing plant. What if my micro-climate is so different from what it’s used to that it won’t survive?

Godma Sky recommended I place the newly potted comfrey plant in a closed plastic bag so that it would be in constant humidity. As the weather at that time was hot and dry, I did that, and left the plant in its terrarium for quite some time (which was quite cool, because I didn’t have to bother about watering it!). It grew new leaves but began to lighten in colour as I didn’t want to give it too much sun.

The comfrey in its new home - a 15cm pot this time.

Yes, I was really nervous about keeping it alive! :D

However, the plant kept growing, and when the weather became more rainy, I decided to risk taking it out of the protective “bubble” and let it acclimatize to its new home – finally. When the rainy weather broke, I worried again that the plant would dry out, so I fitted the pot into the top of a plastic cup that I filled with water, creating a self-watering pot! It survived, but the roots eventually grew out and into the water reservoir below. So, I’ve transplanted it one more time to a bigger, deeper pot. It’s also in a new location with morning and afternoon sunlight as I think it needs to photosynthesize more. Leaf miners have also “visited”, hence the squiggly white lines on the leaves. :(

So, Godma Sky, the comfrey is still alive. I hope it will grow as well as your plant!

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My comfrey’s journey — 4 Comments

  1. Ooh, your plant is looking quite cute! :D Is it getting full sun or something?

    Mine is getting only morning sun and bright shade thereafter. It looks big, but the newer leaves are thinner and longer. Not sure if they’re getting etiolated or stuff. But even then, it seems like they yellow and brown off easily, still. Lol.

    Hope yours grow big and well!

    (Btw, I pinched off and then shredded half a leaf to add into my aerobic compost bin when I just started it, and WOW did the composting process go very quickly!)

    • My plant has been getting morning sun and bright light until now. Will see how the new location affects it.

      I did notice that your plant’s leaves look longer than mine. They share the same stem, though – long and thin. I have no idea why mine is this way! LOL
      Oh, and they do dry easily – that’s why I was so kiasu about keeping the soil moist!
      Anyway the plant is still growing new leaves, and i hope the bigger pot will encourage it to grow even bigger.
      Thanks for this baby! :)

  2. You’re most welcome. :)

    Yeah, my potting media is more moist than well-draining, and the leaves still turn yellow and chao dar. I noticed this with other Mediterranean plants too (like borage). They seem to yellow in our climate easily, no matter how healthy they are. So this might be the case…


    • Possibly. It will be interesting to see how they cope over here, though – and whether our plants progress the same way or not!