The kingfisher returns

The Smyrna kingfisher is one of the sporadic visitors to our garden. One of the last times we saw it was when it was patiently swallowing its meal of a garden lizard, back in March this year.

Since then, it’s only come occasionally in the late evening to snare some beetles for a nightcap.

Well it’s back as a daytime visitor.

The Smyrna kingfisher earlier this week perched on the mango tree and avidly watching the overgrown sweet potato patch below for prey.

It’s been seen perched just under the eaves of the bigger trees, keeping a hunter’s gaze on the surroundings for food. Unfortunately, it was spotted swallowing another garden lizard. I say unfortunately because we’ve been getting familiar with the lizards, and losing them as part of nature’s food chain is sad, as much as we enjoy seeing the pretty kingfisher. I know I’m not being consistent, but I enjoy observing both creatures, and the law of nature can be harsh.

However, seeing the return of this bird makes me wonder if other migratory birds will return as well. It’s something to look forward to.

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