Seeds of joy

Elongated Rudbeckia hirta seeds above, and round shiso seeds below

I had a nice break from routine yesterday when Skyfiery came to visit the Curious Garden.

It was fun giving the tour and sharing notes in person, for a change, and showing off the very plants that have been featured on this blog. Don’t all of us gardeners have some pride in our plants? 8)

Sky very kindly came bearing gifts of more seeds – and you know that getting new seeds really makes my day, so thanks, Sky! :D My new “playthings” are seeds for Rudbeckia hirta and two varieties of shiso. May I do them justice of growing them well!

Sky, it was great meeting you, finally. I realized later that I hadn’t pointed out some things, but hey, there’s always next time, and there will probably be new things to share then – hopefully some of your plants growing healthily!

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Seeds of joy — 11 Comments

  1. :D Next time we can have tea in your garden or something? Lol.

    I hope you have fun with those seeds, and that they grow well for you!

    • Tea? Uh, sure. I’ll go get the cups and saucers… :P
      Yes, fun fun fun ahead with the seeds – thanks!

  2. Yups, it does. I have a pot of it. Strikes rather easily by cuttings. I’d offer some, but I’m left with two twigs only. -_- However, World Farm does have a bush-tree-sized vitex. I originally got my cuttings from there. But maybe ask around GCS to see who can spare, too? :)

    • I’m so, so tempted, but I think I’ll focus on the plants I have here and now first cos I think they need more attention than I have time for – and the weather’s getting hotter now. Don’t want any more casualties on my conscience…

    • No, seriously. I have a number of not established plants now that need watering in this heat, and that takes up time – which I don’t always have :( I’d better start collecting plastic bottles again and make more self-watering pots!