Not such a skyscraper after all

Meet my not-such-a-skyscraper Skyscraper sunflower

My Skyscraper sunflower has failed to live up to its name and potential. One of the giant sunflower breeds, this is supposed to grow more than 3 metres tall. Right now, it’s “just” 1.8 metres tall.

I don’t think this is a multi-flowering plant, so I’ll assume that it has reached its peak – more or less. After all, it appears to still be growing taller as the flower opens. When the bud started opening, it was about 1.7 metres high. When I took the attached picture, it was about 10cm higher. Who knows, maybe it’ll grow another 10 or 20cm before it’s done?

The flower is pretty, though – nice bright yellow petals surrounding a yellow centre. It gets props for being the prettiest sunflower grown here so far!

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Not such a skyscraper after all — 2 Comments

    • Yup, I love me my sunflowers! Have yet to succeed in growing them in a group to enjoy that bulk of cheeriness – but I’ll keep trying! Even a single one is so worth the effort.