What a load of…

This is what happens when an industrial vehicle can't fit through a residential gateway - your bulk compost comes over the fence! I like the neat bags...

A while ago, I mentioned to a friend that I was going to place an order for a load of compost, since I unhappily realized that we don’t produce enough garden waste to generate the amount of compost I wanted.

Why did I feel we needed a lot of compost? Well, in my pottering around lately, I realized that our garden soil has become more sandy, because the organic stuff had been used up without being replenished over time. So, to get us on the right track, I figured some soil amendment and top dressing would help. I just needed a kick-start, because our monthly grass trimmings and other green waste wasn’t enough for the entire garden.

“You’re getting a ton of compost?” my friend said incredulously. “Take pictures,” she added, on my affirmation.

Neither of us could visualize what a ton would look like, and honestly, I was slightly nervous after placing the order. Those nerves shot right through the roof when I saw the grandaddy of all lorries stop in front of the gate on the delivery date. It was … huge!

As usual, I'm using our dogs to demonstrate scale. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what one ton of compost looks like when it's packed neatly.

“That’s not all for me, right?” I asked the delivery guy, pointing nervously at the back of the lorry that looked about a storey high (no kidding). He laughed and assured me no.

My ton of compost was neatly packed into a pair of 500kg bags that had to be lifted over the fence by the crane on the lorry. Compared to the size of the monster lorry, yes, they weren’t big. However, if I wanted to, I could toss in both of my dogs as well as my nephews and nieces and maybe just fill one of those bags – they’re that big!

And oh what lovely, soft dark compost was peeking out at us! The rich, sweet fragrance filled the air, and I couldn’t wait to start carting it around. Distributing it completely won’t happen overnight, but that compost is going to meet our edible plants, and the sunflower and other flowering plants, and it’s going to help to level off the uneven bits of lawn. Spreading it around will take time and calories (yay), and I’m going to enjoy doing all that. Oh yeah, I’m going to be busy… 8)

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What a load of… — 4 Comments

  1. That is SO awesome!

    I plan to start using Greenback compost sold at World Farm to replace soil from now on. =) Did you buy from GB too?

    • I sure did. They’re pretty helpful. Just as a note, though, I’m planning on introducing it in small amounts/a thin layer as I remember some feedback at GCS that it changes the soil alkalinity(?) or something like that.

  2. woa..those are doozies…you might just raise the level of your garden by a few cm once you are done!
    Yay for calorie loss! How much does a ton of… cost?

    • It’s cheaper in bulk (even with the delivery charge) than buying the same amount in smaller bags. Given that prices don’t remain constant, I won’t state the price here in case people hassle the company if the costs change. Inquiries can be sent via http://www.greenback.com.sg It’s good stuff – you can smell the organic richness in it!