When life gives you lemons…

… make lemonade.

The Curious Gardener fell victim to a malicious hacker on Friday the 13th. The experience was decidedly a sour one, but we’ve turned it around by taking the opportunity to rebuild and give the site a facelift. If you missed us, we missed you too! If there are still any glitches around the site, sorry – we’re working to get things running smoothly as soon as possible. We’re just glad to be back! 8)



When life gives you lemons… — 3 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about the hacking experience. How rotten! But the site is looking great and seems to working just fine now. That’s great news. Loving the header.

    • Thank you Bernieh and Sky! I had to console myself somehow while doing the tech stuff, and creating the header was fun, especially since it’s a compilation of a lot of past posts. It’s good to be back! :D