New red Zinnia flowers

A few months ago, I was given a set of mixed zinnia seeds, and out of the handful of seeds sown, after extremes of wet and dry weather, and snail and caterpillar attacks, only one plant made it to maturity. I was curious what colour the flowers would be, and to my delight, they were red!

Side profile of the flower

The flowers of this plant are more full than my first try growing the zinnia from seed. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s a different variety or the quality of the seeds are better, but I’m so pleased with the gorgeous flowers!

Top view of the zinnia - I love composite flowers!

This time, because the plant had a less stressful start (thanks to more experience on my part), it grew straight and tall before the first flower bloomed. After that, more side stems started growing, with a flower topping each stem. Since the plant is growing in a flower pot, its size will likely be restrained. Perhaps, planted out in the garden, it could have grown into a big bush. I’ll have to find out the next time I grow this!

Thanks so much to Sky for the gift of the seeds! 8)

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New red Zinnia flowers — 9 Comments

    • Already in the works ;) I’m considering the pros and cons of transplanting it from the pot anyway in the hopes that it’ll grow bigger & better. Any advice?

  1. LOL. I grew mine all in a planter, so a bit hard for me to offer advice in this respect. But I’d think that being in the ground = more space to grow larger and you might get larger and more blooms?

    • True, true… Will probably do that if a cool enough day comes along. The flowers are so gorgeous – can’t wait till I have a nice grouping of them, like Chawan’s marigolds. I’m waiting to collect seeds, then cluster of red zinnias, here I come!

    • Romzki, check out the gardening sections in supermarkets or go to plant nurseries. The variety of seeds differs at each place, so I can’t say for certain that you’ll find zinnia seeds on sale.