Cordylines in bloom

A lovely spray of flowers cascades from the crown of the cordyline plant.

Think of cordylines and you’ll envision pretty leaves the shade of green to maroon to black, depending on the species. What you likely won’t think of are flowers – least of all, pretty pink clusters cascading from the crown of the plant – but those are indeed the flowers produced by our cordylines. It happens rarely, and usually at the top of our 2+ metre plants. I was thrilled that one of the shorter plants produced the blooms this time and allowed a closer look at the flowers. Pretty, aren’t they?

Up close and personal with the cordyline flowers. Sweet!

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Cordylines in bloom — 2 Comments

  1. These plants are very striking I must say :-)
    There are many varieties of them and I actually love their colors very much.It’s the foliage that stikes me rather than the flowers …LOL
    I love to read what you write in your blog.
    I added your blog to mine if you don’t mind.

    • Welcome, Chawan! :) That’s so true about the foliage. What I find interesting is that the amount of sunlight also affects the colours of the same variety. The flowers are just an added bonus! LOL
      I’m adding you to my blogroll too, ok? :)