Karuveppilai berries

Our curry leaf tree is really old and big, and I don’t often see the top of it unless I’ve made a conscious decision to bend my head back and look up. We know that birds visit the tree every day, because we hear them flitting about or calling out, but because the tree is so big and spread out, it’s not easy to see them.

Well, I’ve just realized why there are always so many birds up there…

Bunches of ripening berries on the curry leaf tree.

Just look at those bunches of berries that are near the top of the tree! I thought there were just a few bunches here and there, not clusters and clusters of them. If I were a fruit-eating bird, I’d be up there all day long, too! It’s also no wonder there are so many curry leaf plants sprouting everywhere in our garden – the birds gobble them up and then disperse the seeds everywhere!

I was interested to capture in the photo the berries in different stages of ripening. They go from light green to salmon pink, and then they darken to a deep purple that’s almost black. Makes me wish I could eat them… :)

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Karuveppilai berries — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks once again for the useful information. I found a bunch of these black berries (they were ominous looking -dried,hard and black) on the ground near my curry tree and I was wondering what they were… thought they were poisonous seeds blown into my garden :)

    • Hello Mama C! Have missed you over here :) You need more greedy birds like we have here – no berries will be available to fall down otherwise! :P

  2. Strange. I sowed and they sprouted almost overnight. Maybe try in a plastic container on pure soil or pure vermiculite? Yups…

    • I’m waiting for a break in the weather to try again. It’s like my seeds are taking turns – this time the marigolds sprouted en masse but some others like the beckies didn’t. Weird!

    • Sharon, I don’t usually see seeds. The birds disperse them and next thing I know, there’s a little sprout growing that smells like curry when I uproot it! But I will try to look for some under the tree for you. The berries are wayyyy up out of my reach on the tree…….

  3. hi
    just wanted to know the trick to grow curry plants.i live in US and i have made several tries.the leaves always dries up turns yellow and falls off.the stem also turns yellow.

    • hi nature,
      It sounds like your plants need more water. Over here in Singapore, we have a consistently humid environment, so the plants thrive. I don’t know what the climate is like where you’re from, but I suggest you use a potting mixture that is not too well-draining as the plant is sensitive to drying out. Maybe you could try using a self-watering container for this. Hope that helps!