The great sweet potato hunt

It’s been six months since we planted the sweet potatoes, and we thought it was time to poke around and see if we had anything to harvest.

My first point of attack was where I had planted the sweet potato that had started everything. I my mind, I envisioned a nice mass of sweet potatoes that had joined the original potato. Cautiously, we started digging our way in, and found…

Just roots, no potatoes...

Nothing. Just a mass of roots, actually. So we started looking for other points to dig in, but still found nothing. :(

That sweet potato patch occupies about 5 square metres of real estate, and keeps spreading unless I pile the vines back on themselves. Not only that, the patch has become a magnet for whiteflies. I’ve realized how too much foliage attracts whiteflies – but that’s a rant for another post – so I’m considering whether or not to continue growing the sweet potatoes. After all, their attraction for pests compromises my other plants in the vicinity, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever succeed in getting sweet potatoes. Hmph.

Decisions, decisions…

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