Mulberry cuttings at 3 weeks

Isn't this decent foliage for 3-week old cuttings?

Well, I’m down to three mulberry plants now. One of the cuttings died last weekend. I saw a 1cm hole in the earth next to the cutting and have no idea what created it. By the next day, the young leaves that were growing started losing their fresh, apple green colour, and were dried up two days later. The bottom of the cutting, when pulled up, looked soggy and smelled rotten. Either it was a case of too many gardeners killing the plants, or I wasn’t meant to have four plants growing.

Despite that, I’m still happy, because the remaining plants are doing pretty well. There are quite a number of leaves growing right now, and I think it’s because I was given cuttings from the thicker part of the stem. I will continue to try to restrain myself from doing anything to the cuttings apart from watering them until they need to be re-potted in bigger homes.

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