French beans – round two

I was somewhat disappointed by the short growing season of my French beans that I grew from purchased seeds earlier this year. Perhaps the trellis I gave them was too short and they weren’t able to reach their full growing potential. Well, I kept a couple of pods for seeds, and got a “grand total” of six seeds from them.

Gen 2: The three bean sprouts. :|

Note to self: save more beans for seeds next time…

Of those seeds, only three sprouted.

Definitely save more beans for seeds next time…

My first priority will be to get seeds from this crop for the next round of planting. Seeds first, eat ‘em next.

Maybe I’ll also try growing them in pots this time. How well/poorly will they react? I have to live up to my name as the Curious Gardener to toss something new in the mix and see what happens, don’t I? :) Besides, it’s always interesting (to me, anyway!) to see what else I can learn with each new round of planting… So onward we go!

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