New additions from DG

My young marigold adoptees.

I visited DG at his community garden a few days ago to adopt some young marigold plants that he was giving up. I thought I was getting one or two plants, but he gave me eight! It was like striking the lottery… :)

Now I have to admit that I’m nervous getting growing plants. I have this fear that I’ll put them in the wrong setting and make them die. Or not care for them properly and make them die. Or do something to make them die. You get the picture. It’s so much safer to grow them from seeds because you know immediately that the plants like where they’re growing, because they grow where you plant them.

Or not. :|

Thankfully, I have the chance to do just that with the seeds that DG also supplied me with. A stroll through the garden to admire the plants that the community gardeners grow ended up being a demonstration of the proud gardener’s tendency to want to share plants. I ran out of hands and packets to hold the different varieties of seeds and ended up mixing two or three varieties. I’ll just have to plant them all to see what is what…

One set of seeds that I can’t confuse is that of the lemon basil. It has an unmistakable scent of lemon that absolutely fascinated me. I can’t wait to grow it to add that lovely scent to our garden!

My loot of seeds from DG!

All in all, I walked away with seeds for a couple of varieties of Zinnias, as well as Bachelor’s Buttons (gomphrena globosa), Dahlberg Daisies, sunflowers and lemon basil. It felt like it was my birthday! ;) Ah, the simple things that please a gardener…

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