The beauty of the rain

I know I’ve been but one among many who were complaining in early March about the hot, dry weather we had in Singapore. Now that the winds have changed and the rain has come, we’re gleefully enjoying it. Before the novelty wears off, I thought I’d share some of the beauty I see around me, courtesy of the rain that slakes the thirst of the land.

What a downpour!

Heavy droplets cause quite a splash!

Splish, splash! I love how the water seems to be dancing!

And when the rain lightened, the drops caused ripples in the puddles that remained for a while

The fern was reviving happily

The aloe vera looked refreshed too

A big drop just waiting to roll downhill. If you stare hard enough at the big droplet, it seems as if it's moving downward almost imperceptibly. Seriously!

Even the windmill needed to dry out

Hope your plants are as happy as mine are now!

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