First marrow of the season

Our first marrow of 2016!

Our first marrow of 2016!

The hot weather has been hard on our plants. Many of them have been struggling to start fruiting, and some of them didn’t succeed before they died off. I was worried about our mystery marrow plant because we had just one that survived the weather.

By the way, I call it the mystery marrow because I was given the seeds for it from another gardener who didn’t have the proper name for the fruit, and just called it a marrow. It’s some type of gourd, probably related to the winter melon. I just don’t have the proper name for it.

Anyway, the vine has been growing quite well since late March, but even though it started flowering in April, it didn’t manage to set fruit until now. There were several possibilities before and after this one, but they all aborted. This fruit is just over a week old. I hope it’s just the beginning of the season!

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