Colours of Christmas

I’m always glad when we have some sort of red colour amidst our plants when the yuletide season arrives, because red and green are colours of Christmas, to me. The source of red this year, though, came on its own.

Nice red chillies!

Nice red chillies!

Our chilli plant that has been lost in the middle of miscellaneous plants surprised me with the number of fruits dangling like Christmas ornaments (I’m used to just one or two – there are six now). In all honesty, I haven’t done anything for this plant in months apart from trying to suppress the number of plants growing around it. So, to see this number of chillis was like getting a present.

We've got abundant mulberries, too!

We’ve got abundant mulberries, too!

I’ve also been in a bit of envy of Novice Gardener’s mulberry plants, particularly her post in the beginning of the month showing the multitude of berries growing in their garden. Well, our big plant has also gone into a fruit-producing phase, and is also adorned with bunches of mulberries! ‘Tis the season for them, I guess!

Another picture just because I have to show them closer... :)

Another picture just because I have to show them closer… :)

Wherever you are in the world, and however you celebrate the season, I wish you peace and abundance for now and the coming year.

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