Chilli surprise

The unlooked-for but definitely welcome chilli.

The unlooked-for but definitely welcome chilli.

This one caught me completely by surprise…

A few months ago, I sowed a pinch of seeds discarded from a chilli used in the kitchen and got a few sprouts from that. I transplanted them, one each, into tall recycled PET bottles, and two plants resulted. They were placed around the jicama patch where they were eventually engulfed by the vigorous jicama vines – and of course I eventually forgot about them.

Well, a flash of red caught my eye earlier, and I was astounded to see a fully formed, ripe red chilli peeking out from behind all the leaves! Unfortunately, the plant looked like it was dying, so it must have put all its efforts into growing this one fruit to propagate itself. Plant psychology amazes me at these times!

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