New sprouts arising

It’s funny how there are times when you sow seeds and nothing happens, and then there are other times when you are just overjoyed at the sight of lots of new stems unfurling from the soil. I love those latter times!

Well, we have a few new additions that will be going out to the garden soon:

Bangkwang / jicama seedlings raring to go…

The next round of jicama plants, grown from the last seeds harvested from Mama Jicama.

I have no idea why, but roselle sprouts make me happy!

New roselle plants germinated from seeds harvested from the very last roselle plant here – coincidentally one that grew wild and was already dying out when I discovered it hiding at the edge of our lemongrass patch. Although the seeds were freshly harvested, they looked quite dehydrated to me. Remembering how they sprout in the pod while the fruit is still on the plant during rainy weather, I kept them in very wet soil. It took almost a week, but it worked!

My little forest of cucumber sprouts…

Cucumber plants (as reported a few days ago), still growing in the impromptu self-watering container. They will be transplanted once their true leaves come out.

New angled loofah plant.

My last angled loofah vine was strangled away by the vigorous snake gourd vine, so I have to start from scratch again… :|

Another butternut pumpkin plant to keep the first growing vine company…

Australian okra seedlings, the seeds courtesy of the Weed family. I’m not thrilled that they’re so leggy and may germinate a new lot just to get healthier plants.

There are other plants in the works, but until they sprout, they’ll get no mention here… ;p

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