A frog’s hideout revealed!

I have a few nooks and crannies around the place that I leave different plants in. The shady spot under the mango tree is one of my favoured spots as the plants don’t dry out as quickly, and aren’t stressed by too much sunlight. So, can you spot the bull frog in the bag?

When I need temporary housing for my plants, I tend to use black planting bags. They make transplanting less stressful for the plants because you can either cut away the plastic or plant the entire bag with the plant if the roots are too extensive.

One of the things about these planting bags is that the top edge tends to fold over if not filled to the brim, and when I was watering the plants today, I lifted a fold and discovered a Banded bull frog hiding inside! Yes, this was in the same vicinity that I spotted the frog in several days ago.

Our little friend, the banded bull frog, suffering having its photo taken once again. Don’t worry, I pulled the edge of the bag down to conceal it again when I was done.

As a matter of fact, I had noticed some disturbance in the soil of the pot next to it for the past several days. It looked like something had been digging in there, and because I wasn’t anxious to discover it immediately, I watered the soil heavily to settle it and hopefully drive out whatever it was.

Could it have been the bull frog? After all, they are supposed to be able to burrow under the earth. It makes me wonder now. Anyway, we now know one of its hiding places!

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