The Hami melon plant CAN grow from cuttings!

It wasn’t my intention to try growing the Hami melon plant from a cutting, but when misfortune struck the plant in the form of the wind snapping the plant’s stem, I decided to sever the broken part from the rest of the plant to give it a chance to recover.

Since I hate to discard my plants unnecessarily, I decided to stick the broken-off bit in soil to see if it would grow.

It did, and I’d like to show you the good root system it has managed to grow!

With such a nice network of roots in place, it's time to move this hami melon plant to a bigger, better home!

This melon – in fact, any melon – is unfamiliar to me except as a fruit sold in the market or supermarket, so I’m still tentative with its growing conditions. However, now that I have two plants instead of just one, I can experiment by growing one in a pot and the other in the garden, somewhere. There are still so many things that could go wrong in growing this, but at least I now have two “birds in the hand” rather than one!

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The Hami melon plant CAN grow from cuttings! — 2 Comments

  1. Great! Waste not want not!! So now, what’s happening with the original part of the vine? Any flower buds yet?

    • Not yet. It’s not growing that vigorously, I suspect because it was hampered by the broken stem (that I hilled up soil against to hold it together).