Beet this!

The beet plants look pretty happy and healthy to me!

I’m quite happy with the progress of the beet plants, even though we lost a couple along the way. The current survivors are growing very well, and I wonder if my potting concoction had anything to do with it.

When I decided to grow the beets in a planter, I wanted to give them every organic advantage possible. So, I grabbed all the potting mixes I had at that time and started with about 35% Indonesian burnt earth to 65% organic compost to get a consistency that I liked. Then, I added some volcanic soil because it’s got good nutrients in it, as well as a couple of scoops of coffee grounds. I combined them well before starting to fill the planter with this mix. Partway through, I sprinkled in some bonemeal, then filled the planter completely. I then watered the mixture well, and left it to “cook” for a few days before I transplanted the beet seedlings to their new home.

Since then, the plants have grown well. The few were lost because I didn’t keep the soil appropriately moist on hot days. Those that have remained seem to be very happy. There have been a couple of broken leaf stems due to the strong winds that blow by at times, but overall, I’m pleased with their progress.

I LOVE the bright colours of the stems, and I was intrigued to see the new offshoot growing on the bottom-most, almost horizontal leaf on the plant that I grew from a slip.

Even the little plant that had broken off and was replanted as a cutting is doing well. Several new leaves are growing, and I’ve been intrigued to note that it’s branching out on one of the leaves as well.

Will we get harvestable beets from these plants? I’m waiting to find out!

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Beet this! — 4 Comments

  1. Not to worry. Beets grow like weeds. Very hardy. I didn’t grow mine in any kind of special dirt and they thrived (those already consumed) and are thriving. I got tired of them as somewhere I read that one shd not eat too many beets so I had more than I cd use (supposedly not more than 1/2 of a whole a day). However, two monster plants are going to seed, which is a good thing. Earlier plants – no telling as they were yanked out. You are aware that the leaves are edible as well, I’ll bet? Happy beeting!

    • Beets aren’t native plants here, so I’m being my usual skeptical self until they prove themselves. I sure hope they reach harvest stage!

  2. That is amazing! How tall are the plants now? I must keep the Weed from looking at your blog until this beetpost is old news. If not he will want to beet you – and we have not had much success with underground plants.

    • The leaves are between 15-20cm tall now. Tell Weed it’s probably the microclimate – after all, you’ve got so many plants in your garden that I’d love to grow but haven’t succeeded growing yet. I just hope my plants listen to Miki and just keep growing like …er, weeds! :D