Snake gourd harvest

I don’t mean to brag (too much) but…

Count 'em if you can - there are TEN gourds there! :)

Yes, it’s our bountiful green snake gourd harvest – and there are still more gourds growing on the vines! There are way too many fruits for us, so these are all going to different homes. Good things are meant to be shared!

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Snake gourd harvest — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing the bounty!
    Wow, so many. But aren’t these “mouse gourds”, the fatter-shorter version of snake gourds – that’s what Wisteria taught me anyway… But same family and taste; only diff is the shape. I’ve been looking for these – none in my local market, so I’m pleased to have one and then try planting it. I’ve given up on the snake gourd – didn’t work.

    • @NoviceG: You know, the seeds were packaged as snake gourds, but they’re anything BUT snakey! I’m still waiting for any of the gourds to grow longer, but they’re not, so maybe they’re mouse gourds after all. The important thing is that they’re edible. Hope you enjoy it.

      @Monica: Thank you! 8)

      • They’re in my fridge right now! They look very cute – never seen one in real life before!! Thank you so much!!

          • From the Mother Weed: Mouse, snake… sounds like a bad joke! By the way I dried a handful of the seeds from the gourds you gave (very yummy stuffed with pork and steamed, like high end yong tau fu) and have sowed a couple. Let’s see if they germinate. None of the rest that you gave us did.

          • I guess the seeds lost their viability fast – they germinated and grew very strongly when I first got them, which wasn’t all that long ago. I hope they aren’t from hybrid plants, or else they may not grow and fruit as well as the parent. Fingers crossed that you get at least one healthy & fruitful plant!