A Billion Acts of Green for Earth Day 2012

Image from http://act.earthday.org/

I have to get on my soapbox for a little while…

While I assume that every visitor to The Curious Gardener already has something to do with growing plants, I feel obliged to encourage you all to take the next step, if you haven’t already, to be even more environmentally conscious. I’m sure you know the drill, but these are ways you could help:

  • recycle, reuse and re-purpose things
  • use less water and energy (petrol, coal, electricity)
  • cut down on chemical pesticides and cleaning agents

If you need more ideas, visit the Billion Acts of Green site, and if you want, join the millions of people who have already signed up to pledge their Acts of Green. I did; will you?

Earth Day 2012 is just two days away, on April 22. I hope we hit the 1 billion target.

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