Welcome, sweet pea!

The little sweet pea plant putting out the very first tendril!

I wanted to, but I didn’t buy seeds for sweet (or snow) peas when I saw them on sale at the nursery. What made me pause was the fact that the plants need cool weather to grow in – and we don’t usually have that here in tropical Singapore.

Well, the fates decided otherwise, and I was gifted with a pack of the seeds a few months ago. I still didn’t bite the bullet, deeming it a waste of time to try growing – but then I realized recently that this being the coolest time of year for us, might be the best time to try.

And so, still a bit hesitant, I sowed four seeds last weekend – one per little pot. Three of them have germinated and are showing good growth, as seen in the picture. I think I’ll sow several more seeds to take advantage of the current weather, and if all goes well, we may have nice pods to harvest – when? I’m not sure! But even if we don’t get the pods, I understand that the flowers are very pretty, too.

Updates on this plant will follow…

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Welcome, sweet pea! — 2 Comments

  1. Such a coincidence! I just saw a PACKET of these – look exactly like that – in Cold Storage salad section – next to alfafa and mung bean sprouts! and I was just saying to myself “I thought sweet peas were flowers….”

    Hmmm. Will our weather be too wet for this plant, you think?

    • I’m concerned about the wet weather, too. Been watching as the garden floods up each time there’s an especially heavy downpour. I may plant them in a large pot, or make a raised bed. Think those will work?