Anticipation is…

One of my greatest joys is sowing seeds of new plants and waiting for them to germinate and show off their different leaves. When you’ve never grown them before, everything looms before you like the Great Unknown waiting to be discovered…

Roselle sprout

Jicama - or bangkwang or yam bean - sprout

Baby coriander plant

Newly sprouted water spinach or kangkong - I never expected it to have forked seed leaves!

And then to watch as they mature and start budding…

Red Lady papaya flower - was it a girl or boy? Both! Rather, a hermaphrodite. Notice the rounded bottom? Definitely a sign of fertility!

Mexican sunflower, also known as the Tithonia, budding. My first and only time growing it as it didn't seem to like our microclimate.

And to look out for the first fruits…

Little limes leaning leeward... sorry, couldn't resist a little alliteration... :P

Red Lady papaya tree laden with fruits

Of course the biggest sense of anticipation is waiting for the culmination of it all – harvest! I’ve got my eyes on the papaya at the bottom. Finally, it’s showing tinges of yellow as it ripens. Who will get it first – the Black-Naped Oriole, the bulbuls, mynahs or me? :P

Anticipation is fun!

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    • I know! I’m wondering which will win the race to harvest – the papaya or the brinjal! As you can see from the latest post, the angled loofah is off that list. Such fun!